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Sunday Night Gamers

A New Chapter Begins!

The party has been approached by Penson, an agent of Galifar. One of Galifar’s resources, Elihana Mhorgton, has been stationed near Cazhaak Draal, and has failed to report back in over a month. The party has been requested to investigate her disappearance and sets out to first investigate the residence where she had been put up. It is not unusual for Elihana to be gone weeks at a time as she is responsible for monitoring the Shadow Marches. Elihana is of great worth to Galifar’s cause and much time, effort and money has been invested in her.

The party (yet to be named), investigated the residence where they encountered a Lich and six Corrupted offspring. It is evident that while the party is very powerful as they decimated the undead in little time.


Mr. Dragonborn has very very bad breath. Dari was able to smite some undead.

A New Chapter Begins!

Excellent! But tell me is Dari really evil?

A New Chapter Begins!

Dox looks forward to locating Elihana. As a master of disguise he can change the parties appearance to fool the bad guys but he’s not sure if that will mask Dari’s breath as well.

A New Chapter Begins!

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