Zeno'fiel Lider

Genasi Warlord


Zeno’fiel Lider

-27 years old, mid height caustic Genasi Warlord. Formerly a grave digger with no real roots to any city or town. He is athletically built, with a grey skin hue and hair. He carries a Greatbow and wears hide armour.
-He mostly keeps to himself, shy and well mannered. He believes in the the greater good and a Utopian society. Being born under a bad sign, Zeno’fiel believes that he will be a big part in the changing of the world, good or bad. He has aligned himself with Galifar’s cause, trusting that the unity of Khorvaire.
-He has always been an outcast and a hermit and odd jobs as a grave digger allows him to live in seclusion with time to reflect on the world.
-For a year, Zeno had been forced into a world of underground fighting
-Warships the god Avandra

-Zeno’fiel wishes to reconnect with the love of his life, a half-elf female named Iylandra Took’bre who had suddenly disappeared on her 20th birthday 5 years ago.
-He secretly wishes to exact revenge against the person who had forced him into the world of underground fighting before he managed to escape.

-Iylandra Took’bre is still alive, but her whereabouts are unknown
-Zeno’fiel knows that Iylandra’s father is the one who force him into the world of underground fighting, but believe’s that there is a greater power at play here

Character Ties
-Garrison Torkroft, was one Zeno’s best friends while an underground fighter. Current allegance and whereabouts is unknown
-Bancroft Bellwood is another of Zeno’s friends from underground fighting who is now working in a blacksmiths apprentice in Sharn
-Nenia Osik, a wizard who helped to enlist Zeno into Galifar’s cause.

-Every night Zeno dreams of a happy life with Iylandra, followed by infrequent nightmares of torture while an underground fighter.
-Is shy and cautious, but believes of the greater good and that he has a higher purpose in life.
-Has a bad poker face.

Zeno'fiel Lider

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