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Solenith was born in the feyspire known as Shaelas Tiraleth. Apprenticed at an early age to the Wizard Kalem Dhshart, Solenith proved an apt pupil. Her studies progressed with ease as she showed a clear aptitutde towards the magical arts. Her studies were complemented by frequent visits to Cyre.

The Day of Mourning changed everything for Solenith. On that eventful day she was visiting Eston as the feyspire had aligned itself with the material plane. The devestation was complete, yet Solenith managed to survive. Her survival came at a cost.

Trapped beneath the rubble of the decaying city Solenith’s arm was severed. Solenith was only saved by the aid of a Cannith Artificer. This self-forged replaced her arm with mechanical substitute. This appendage at first horrified Solenith, however over time she came to realize that her limb had saved her life. What is more she began to realize that the magic used by the artificers of House Cannith may be in part what caused the Mourning.

Solenith dedicated herself to learning all her mentor could teach. As she advanced in power she dedicated herself to the art of the Self-Forged eventually replacing the artificially limb given to her years ago with a more powerful version.

Solenith believes that the way an artificer weaves magic combined with some other unkown event or source caused the Day of Mourning. Cyre was the epicenter of House Cannith’s might and the amount of magic energy being weaved must have contributed to the Mourning.

Solenith hopes to learn what the other source is and has travelled in the Mournland exstensively searching for clues. Her hope is to either reverse the Mourning or to release Shaelas Tiraleth to the Feywild.


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