Mas’Khan iplay4e character sheet.


Mas’Khan hails from a tribe of Dragonborn based out of the continent Argonnessen. Years ago he and a clan mate Tasmer ventured forth from their homeland in search of scepters which would augment the power of their dragon breath. The war that raged across Khorvaire seperated Mas’Khan and Tasmer. While Tasmer found service in the armies of men, Mas’Khan followed a different path.

Mas’Khan has always felt a connection with of the mountains and the storms (Mas’Khan is dragonborn for Mountain Thunder). While the war raged and humans fought for their petty controls, Mas’Khan travelled north. Finding himself in the Demon Wastes Mas’Khan battled against the demonic forces that sought to use the distraction of war against all the peoples of Khorvaire.

At the end of the war Mas’Khan travelled south to see what remained of civilization. It wasn’t long until he crossed paths with his clan mate Tasmer and the two completed their original quest, obtaining their scepters.

It was during ths time that Mas’Khan became aware of some writing pertaining to the Draconic Prophecies. The words echoed other passages that he had discovered in the Demon Wastes. They spoke of a peace maker and the need for guardians. When word of Galifar reached Mas’Khan he realized that these writings wree speaking to his part in the greater prophecy.

Mas’Khan is a Warden and draws his strength from the very power of Eberron. He fights with honour, but has recently begun to question this tactic as the demons in the wastes no nothing of honour.


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