Kondir d'Lyrandar


Kondir (level 16) character sheet


Kondir d’Lyrandar

Kondir has been called many things – charming, deft, nimble, blade master, ship captain and house Lyrandar scion — all true and all well earned descriptors. Kondir has spent his entire life aboard ships. Before manifesting the Mark of Storm he spent years proving his worth and earning his place among Lyrandar’s crewmen. His Dragonmark provided him with the opportunity to become captain of his own vessel, the Black Diamond.

The Black Diamond managed to avoid heavy combat during the war. Instead, Kondir used his ship’s exceptional speed to deliver supplies where needed and ferry refugees and wounded out to safety.

A few years after becoming captain of the Black Diamond, Kondir met Vidik and the two became fast friends. Vidik told Kondir tales about a powerful artifact called the Dragon’s Tooth. With permission from House Lyrandar, Kondir made Black Diamond available to Vidik while he searched for the artifact. However, after a year passed and the hunt turned up nothing tangible, Kondir was ordered to return to Stormhome to await a new assignment. Defying the house matriarch, Kondir instead chose to continue the search. Unfortunately, Vidik was imprisoned in Dreadhold shortly thereafter and Kondir, having burned his bridges with house Lyrandar, was forced into hiding throughout the Lhazaar Principalities.

During this exile Kondir resorting to piracy to make a living. This gave him plenty of opportunity to work on his close combat skills. In order to gain the most benefit from his nimble feet and quick hands he learned to wield two daggers rather than any other heavier, clumsier weapons. He also had plenty of chances to put his silver tongue to work getting him out of trouble and romancing the ladies. Unfortunately he’s always found reading others his greatest weakness. This often leads him to believe his charms and lies are believed, even when they’re not.

Recently Kondir was part of an elaborate plan to get Vidik released from Dreadhold prison. With new information regarding the Dragon’s Tooth and a shocking relationship to House Lyrander, Kondir managed to win himself back into the graces of his House – albeit at the cost of betraying his friend Vidik.

Kondir d'Lyrandar

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