Josey Wyatt

Josey Wyatt is an arm for hire, a seasoned raod warrior as battered as the hills them selves with dreams of owning his own air ship.


Josey has spent a considerable time adventuring, brushing with important events in history with no real awareness of his role. In his formative years he served as a deserter to a doomed army, a highway man to a page carrying internationally sensitive documents, a robber to a bank carrying an ancient artifact and the killer of a diplomat. In trying to make a clean break he acceptable a responsibilities free position as hired muscle for a group of adventurers seeking an item of little importance or relevance. During this period of time Josey came in contact with Cruven Suvial, from whom he learned that he might be bound for greater ends. Since then he has started saving money to buy himself an airship, believing his calling is to be an airship pilot.

He has joined the cause of Galifar because he believes that they will buy him an airship.

Josey Wyatt

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