Changeling Bard/Wizard/Rogue


Original Design: (I’ll edit this up as I get all my thoughts straight and solidify his backstory with the adventures of the past few years.)
Class: Bard – I sing. I can use instruments but they are not my forte.


I hail from Wroat, Breland – the best nation on Aundair. My father, Bin, was a bard in the service of some of the most prominent members of Breland society. He even performed for the King on a few occasions. I never knew my mother. My father told me he’d tell me of her fate when he deemed I was ready. Unfortunately that day did not arrive before my father mysteriously disappeared 5 1/2 years ago. (Now 8 1/2)

I quickly learned that without my father’s influence and bardic skills around, many people who I judged to be friendly became cold and distant. No one seemed to care much for my fate. That is, except for my father’s good friend, Anthol. Using his position as some sort of librarian or something – not sure to be honest – he secured me a job at an upstanding local pub and made sure I had a roof over my head. Anthol has a lot of connections. He is constantly deluged with people delivering notes and letters and seems to constantly be meeting someone somewhere to discuss something. Anyway, he even arranged for my bardic lessons to continue. It must be working because the pub always seems full.

A while back Anthol came to me at the end of my shift. He pulled me into his private booth and said he had a job for me. He wanted me to deliver some documents to an acquaintance in Morgrave University. He said that in return for this he had arranged for me to study at Morgrave in order to develop my talents even further. “You have even more potential than your father Dox. And that is saying a lot.” Can you imagine? I knew I’d miss the beautiful barmaids in Wroat but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that!

Anyway, I now find myself in Sharn. Incredible city. More women than even I can handle! It is not easy though. The residents here don’t take too kindly to changelings. I tend to stay disguised as a blond, blue-eyed human male. In fact the only people that are certain of my heritage are the good friends that I have made at Morgrave.


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