Revenant Assassin


Are’zo iplay4e character sheet.


Are’zo was born almost twenty years before the beginning of the last war. The son of a minor scion of House Medani Are’zo showed little promise regarding the business of the House. What he did show was ruthless efficiency in combat. While still a youth Are’zo was taken away to train and apprentice in the art of the assassin.

The next years of Are’zo’s life were spent eliminating those who could expose the House’s secrets and reveal it sources and methonds. As the war dragged on his services were outsourced and used by various nations, primarily Breland.

Along the way something went wrong. Are’zo can only surmise he was betrayed or discovered during a mission. When he awoke, he was no longer the being he was in life. Instead he had been granted a form of immortality as he returned to life as a revenant. His ties to his house severed Are’zo travelled as a killer for hire. Memories of this time are faded and large chunks of memory are simply blank.

The truth behind Are’zo’s transformation is far more sinister. Sent by House Medani to assassinate King Kiaus before he could seal a pact with the figure known as Vol, Are’zo arrived too late. As Vol turned Kiaus to a vampire against his will the magic of the ritual transformed Are’zo into a revenant.

Are’zo doesn’t know or doesn’t recall why he was granted immortality. He doesn’t know if there is a larger purpose he promised to fulfill. He continues to wander hoping that something will trigger a memory and grant him a greater purpose in life.


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