Sunday Night Gamers

Who Is Cerwin Hobblesprokat?

After several days of downtime the party is once again summoned to the palace in Wroat to meet with Konlei ir’ Basson. The initial readings the party took indicate the event matches what occured on the Day of Mourning on several levels. Still much additional research is required.

Konlei indicates that they have attempted to contact a gnome by the name of Cerwin Hobblesprokat in Trolanport. The initial request for aid was rebuffed and all additional requests have been met with silence. Konlei requests that the party travel to Trolanport and persuad Cerwin to assist. Cerwin is one of the few experts on the origins of the Mournland who would be sympathetic to Brelands plight.

Upon arriving in Trolanport the party found lodging and quickly began gathering information about Cerwin attempting to ascertain his whereabouts. The first evenings search proved futile, hopefully the morning would bring better luck.

Realizing that Cerwin was a scholar of some sort Josey Wyatt decided to investigate the local universities. Josey tracked down some peers of Cerwin’s who really weren’t much help at all, but they did point him in the direction of some of Cerwin’s published work. Unable to read the journals, Josey thought that someone in the party may be able to. Rather than bring a member of the party back to the university Josey decided to bring the journals to the party. That’s when he got into trouble with the Trust. Seems the party has been under surviellance upon arriving in Trolanport. The Trust didn’t take to kindly to Josey’s petty act of crime. Requesting the journals back Josey was advised that if he complied he would simply have to leave Trolanport and all of Zilargo within 24 hours. Josey decided that this was the prudent course of action.

The rest of the party was dismayed to learn of Josey’s brush in with the law as it now put a time constraint on finding Cerwin and convincing him to return to Breland with the party.

Pushing on Zeno’fiel Lider managed to locate Cerwin’s residence and also learned about his daughter Sophia.

The party choose the direct route and knocked on Cerwin’s door. They were met by a rather scattered looking gnome. Upon learning why the party was at the door Cerwin let them in and thanked them for answering his request for aid. He wondered aloud why no written response was ever sent. When the party asked him to return to Wroat, Cerwin replied that he simply couldn’t. Not until his Sophia is returned to him. Looking around in anxiety the gnome asks “They didn’t follow you did they? Do they know you are here?”

The party now has just under 24 hours to locate Sophia, otherwise they risk the anger of the Trust.



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