Sunday Night Gamers

The Call of War

Breland has recently seen an increase of border raids by the forces of Aundair and Thrane. These acts of aggression have raised the specter of continued hostilities. Tensions are high as King Boranels diplomats work to stop the raids and maintain the peace. Rumours circulate among the common people of a new call to arms. Added to these events are reports of a strange occurence near the village of Hatheril.

With his forces stretched thin King Boranel looks to outside assistance and calls upon Galifar and his agents.

A summons goes out to any who are able to meet with Galifar at the Clifftop Adventurers Guild in Sharn. If the peace is to be preserved, we must act and we must act now.

Note from the DM:

Please either email me the level 17 version of the character you wish to play (character builder file) or post the character to the iplay4e site and link it to the Obsidian Portal site by Thursday so that I can complete my preperation for Sunday.

There will be several extended rests over the course of this adventure. During one of them you will have the ability to swtich to a different character in your character tree should you wish. I will advise when this is coming up so that you can be prepared.

If you have any specific treasure requests please email them to me. No Liam I will not award an airship as a treasure request. ;)



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