Sunday Night Gamers

The Big House on the Cliff

The party made their way into the cellar of house. The footings of the house were on the verge of being eroded away by the water and may holes led down 50 feet to the water below. There was some apparent movement in the cellar and the party had seemed threatening to the Medusa with her basilisk pets. The Medusa was subdued and apparently she had been sent to pick up some instructions from the cellar of the house. The party found out that this Medusa was hired by the Queen of Stone to remove the petrification of a Brelish noble in the nearby graveyard, and recover an heirloom of the Brelish nobility. Along with the instructions were 3000gp and a scroll, and everything was returned to the Medusa except for the scroll. The party decided that it may be in their best interest to have the Queen of Stone as an ally and would attempt to recover the heirloom to gain favour — probably a smart move considering where they currently are located.

At dusk, the party then made its way to the graveyard in search for the tomb, and upon reaching the graveyard they encountered several zombies, a skeleton and a very stinky construct.

Currently the party needs to decide their next steps… proceed into the tomb? Take an extended rest? And meanwhile the gods are slowly becoming impatient as several of the party have yet to update the portal with a link to their characters in iplay4e.



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