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Rumours of the Mourning

Galifar has requested that the party meet with Konlei ir’ Basson King Boranel’s Internal Minister. The King has called upon Galifar and his associates to assist in a matter of great urgency and importance.

Recently a temple of the Soveriegn Host has been defiled. Echo’s of the Day of Mourning surround the desecration of this holy site. The King fears that agents of another kingdom may be behind the attack or worse an unknown entity purpotrated the Day of Mourning and they have returned to visit the same devestation and horror on Breland.

As Galifar has gained a reputation towards advancing the cause of peace through out the Five Nations King Boranel has called upon his associates to investigate the disturbance. The King hopes that a neutral party won’t jump to conclusions and will report their findings accurately and without bias.

High Priest Lhaul Kordraek was also present at the meeting. He has asked that the party retrieve an artifact of the church that belonged to a saint. If the item can be found and returned the church would be most gratefull.

The party is provided with a device that will collect the residual arcane energy in the area to help determine the true cause of the distrubance in the area.


wtf! so much for being able to schedule posts with this thing.

Rumours of the Mourning

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