Sunday Night Gamers

Investigating the Disturbance

The party met with Konlie ir’Basson the Minister of State for Breland. He informed them that an event similar to the Mourning had occured. At this time it was unkown what the source of the event was or who the perpotrator was. He requested that the party investigate the disturbance to learn more.

The party set out the next morning and made their way to the site. A strange grey mist hung in the air. Similar, yet different to the Mournland. As the party entered in they were beset upon by elementals. Moving closer to the temple, the epicenter of the disturbance, the party was again set upon by elementals and living spells. The party overcame these obstacles but not before Josey almost sucumbed to his injuries.

Inside the temple the party faced some bizzare cultists who were aided by tiny elemental demons. A Living Cloudkill proved the most dangerous threat. After defeating the foes the party investigated the area taking measurements with the arcane device they had been provided with. The party also recovered the Relic of Tonlieth.

The party returned to Wroat without incident and made their report. The Gensai Zeno’fiel demanded that the party be advised of the outcome of the information they provided. The party was dismissed. Upon leaving the castle a courier from House Orien passed a note to Captain Kondir. The message was from Galifar and simply stated for the party to stay in town.



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