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Who Is Cerwin Hobblesprokat?

After several days of downtime the party is once again summoned to the palace in Wroat to meet with Konlei ir’ Basson. The initial readings the party took indicate the event matches what occured on the Day of Mourning on several levels. Still much additional research is required.

Konlei indicates that they have attempted to contact a gnome by the name of Cerwin Hobblesprokat in Trolanport. The initial request for aid was rebuffed and all additional requests have been met with silence. Konlei requests that the party travel to Trolanport and persuad Cerwin to assist. Cerwin is one of the few experts on the origins of the Mournland who would be sympathetic to Brelands plight.

Upon arriving in Trolanport the party found lodging and quickly began gathering information about Cerwin attempting to ascertain his whereabouts. The first evenings search proved futile, hopefully the morning would bring better luck.

Realizing that Cerwin was a scholar of some sort Josey Wyatt decided to investigate the local universities. Josey tracked down some peers of Cerwin’s who really weren’t much help at all, but they did point him in the direction of some of Cerwin’s published work. Unable to read the journals, Josey thought that someone in the party may be able to. Rather than bring a member of the party back to the university Josey decided to bring the journals to the party. That’s when he got into trouble with the Trust. Seems the party has been under surviellance upon arriving in Trolanport. The Trust didn’t take to kindly to Josey’s petty act of crime. Requesting the journals back Josey was advised that if he complied he would simply have to leave Trolanport and all of Zilargo within 24 hours. Josey decided that this was the prudent course of action.

The rest of the party was dismayed to learn of Josey’s brush in with the law as it now put a time constraint on finding Cerwin and convincing him to return to Breland with the party.

Pushing on Zeno’fiel Lider managed to locate Cerwin’s residence and also learned about his daughter Sophia.

The party choose the direct route and knocked on Cerwin’s door. They were met by a rather scattered looking gnome. Upon learning why the party was at the door Cerwin let them in and thanked them for answering his request for aid. He wondered aloud why no written response was ever sent. When the party asked him to return to Wroat, Cerwin replied that he simply couldn’t. Not until his Sophia is returned to him. Looking around in anxiety the gnome asks “They didn’t follow you did they? Do they know you are here?”

The party now has just under 24 hours to locate Sophia, otherwise they risk the anger of the Trust.

Investigating the Disturbance

The party met with Konlie ir’Basson the Minister of State for Breland. He informed them that an event similar to the Mourning had occured. At this time it was unkown what the source of the event was or who the perpotrator was. He requested that the party investigate the disturbance to learn more.

The party set out the next morning and made their way to the site. A strange grey mist hung in the air. Similar, yet different to the Mournland. As the party entered in they were beset upon by elementals. Moving closer to the temple, the epicenter of the disturbance, the party was again set upon by elementals and living spells. The party overcame these obstacles but not before Josey almost sucumbed to his injuries.

Inside the temple the party faced some bizzare cultists who were aided by tiny elemental demons. A Living Cloudkill proved the most dangerous threat. After defeating the foes the party investigated the area taking measurements with the arcane device they had been provided with. The party also recovered the Relic of Tonlieth.

The party returned to Wroat without incident and made their report. The Gensai Zeno’fiel demanded that the party be advised of the outcome of the information they provided. The party was dismissed. Upon leaving the castle a courier from House Orien passed a note to Captain Kondir. The message was from Galifar and simply stated for the party to stay in town.

Rumours of the Mourning

Galifar has requested that the party meet with Konlei ir’ Basson King Boranel’s Internal Minister. The King has called upon Galifar and his associates to assist in a matter of great urgency and importance.

Recently a temple of the Soveriegn Host has been defiled. Echo’s of the Day of Mourning surround the desecration of this holy site. The King fears that agents of another kingdom may be behind the attack or worse an unknown entity purpotrated the Day of Mourning and they have returned to visit the same devestation and horror on Breland.

As Galifar has gained a reputation towards advancing the cause of peace through out the Five Nations King Boranel has called upon his associates to investigate the disturbance. The King hopes that a neutral party won’t jump to conclusions and will report their findings accurately and without bias.

High Priest Lhaul Kordraek was also present at the meeting. He has asked that the party retrieve an artifact of the church that belonged to a saint. If the item can be found and returned the church would be most gratefull.

The party is provided with a device that will collect the residual arcane energy in the area to help determine the true cause of the distrubance in the area.

The Call of War

Breland has recently seen an increase of border raids by the forces of Aundair and Thrane. These acts of aggression have raised the specter of continued hostilities. Tensions are high as King Boranels diplomats work to stop the raids and maintain the peace. Rumours circulate among the common people of a new call to arms. Added to these events are reports of a strange occurence near the village of Hatheril.

With his forces stretched thin King Boranel looks to outside assistance and calls upon Galifar and his agents.

A summons goes out to any who are able to meet with Galifar at the Clifftop Adventurers Guild in Sharn. If the peace is to be preserved, we must act and we must act now.

Note from the DM:

Please either email me the level 17 version of the character you wish to play (character builder file) or post the character to the iplay4e site and link it to the Obsidian Portal site by Thursday so that I can complete my preperation for Sunday.

There will be several extended rests over the course of this adventure. During one of them you will have the ability to swtich to a different character in your character tree should you wish. I will advise when this is coming up so that you can be prepared.

If you have any specific treasure requests please email them to me. No Liam I will not award an airship as a treasure request. ;)

The Big House on the Cliff

The party made their way into the cellar of house. The footings of the house were on the verge of being eroded away by the water and may holes led down 50 feet to the water below. There was some apparent movement in the cellar and the party had seemed threatening to the Medusa with her basilisk pets. The Medusa was subdued and apparently she had been sent to pick up some instructions from the cellar of the house. The party found out that this Medusa was hired by the Queen of Stone to remove the petrification of a Brelish noble in the nearby graveyard, and recover an heirloom of the Brelish nobility. Along with the instructions were 3000gp and a scroll, and everything was returned to the Medusa except for the scroll. The party decided that it may be in their best interest to have the Queen of Stone as an ally and would attempt to recover the heirloom to gain favour — probably a smart move considering where they currently are located.

At dusk, the party then made its way to the graveyard in search for the tomb, and upon reaching the graveyard they encountered several zombies, a skeleton and a very stinky construct.

Currently the party needs to decide their next steps… proceed into the tomb? Take an extended rest? And meanwhile the gods are slowly becoming impatient as several of the party have yet to update the portal with a link to their characters in iplay4e.

A New Chapter Begins!

The party has been approached by Penson, an agent of Galifar. One of Galifar’s resources, Elihana Mhorgton, has been stationed near Cazhaak Draal, and has failed to report back in over a month. The party has been requested to investigate her disappearance and sets out to first investigate the residence where she had been put up. It is not unusual for Elihana to be gone weeks at a time as she is responsible for monitoring the Shadow Marches. Elihana is of great worth to Galifar’s cause and much time, effort and money has been invested in her.

The party (yet to be named), investigated the residence where they encountered a Lich and six Corrupted offspring. It is evident that while the party is very powerful as they decimated the undead in little time.

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